Pro Elite All Stars Review


Please beware that this “”new”” cheerleading program it is simply a new owner taking over Crusader All Star Program. This new owner took over coachng for Mike Martinez this year at Crusaders – during that time he missed two different competitions and the kids were not told why he was not there – just that he wasn’t. He has displayed poor judgement during what should have been structured team practices. He has made promises to atheletes that he can’t stand behind. When he started recruiting for his own gym Pro Elite – he started making promises to try to get athelets to say with his program and not leave – when kids told him they were leaving he stopped working with them – he wouldn’t speak to them – If you want another year of mind games and empty promises – Pro Elite is definately the program you need to go to! You will not be disappointed. Just know that you will start a season knowing you will be lied to and manipulated. .

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