Pro Leads Nyc Review


We contacted David Ross the owner of Pro Leads NYC and explained to him what type of leads we were looking for he promised us to be better than any other lead company including his competitor Powers leads who we almost signed with until David spoke to us and told us nothing but lies. So we wired him $750 and then he sent us CA leads which in this industry you have to have a license to offer loans in CA. Plus Why did we only get the state of CA. So when we asked him he said oh well you needed to tell me that you did not want Ca. We said that a few would have been understandable but the whole sheet was absurd. We couldn’t do anything with them. Then he says he was going to send us dated leads fromm ucc list to help us out. Well the leads he sent were so ridiculous. All the numbers were disconnected or no longer the business listed. David Ross refused to help us in anyway all he wants is to rip people off take their money. We know that lead companies can be hit or miss and nothing but a gamble but when you have somebody who is trying to just screw you from the start it is wrong. | Please stay free and clear of this man!!!!


  • Name: Pro Leads Nyc
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 350 5th Avenue
  • Phone: 888-564-5551
  • Website:

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