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Puppies for sale with a sad story


My Complaint: Serena was giving us 2 puppies from Hawaii only had to pay for shipping. We would pay the shipping company directly not to her. The man from the shipping company called and the caller ID said “0”. I could not understand him he sounded nigerian. I asked to speak to someone with better English. He would not. He said I had an hour to get a Money gram only after they received confirmation would they ship the dogs. He quickly refused to listen to me and said to get the Money gram. After that we looked on the internet for scams by this company and found more information. Thanks to my husband we did not give them the money. I emailed Serena back with my dissatisfaction and have had no reply. The whole set up is thru email or text only except for the call from Pro Shippers and there was no caller ID


My Demand: I did not comply so I did not lose money

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