Deceitful ordering process fails to provide an option to review or edit an order b4 submission. Ordering process is designed to make you order more than what you anticipated without realizing until you place an order. For example, in placing my order for one bottle of StoneHedge Dynamic Probiotics advertised on their website, I was provided with another screen/window with the option to order three bottles at a discount instead of one (or so I thought) which was then added to my one bottle order without my knowledge. To make matters worse, upon placing my order for the three discounted bottles, I was presented with the same screen again. As this lead me to believe that my order did not go through, I once again clicked the submit button button to place my order (or so I thought) for the three discounted bottles in which event I was then presented with a screen showing that I had placed an order for seven bottles of Stone Hedge Dynamic Probiotics totaling $184.80. | Moreover, I wasn’t even given an option to edit/change or cancel my order in the process. The only thing I was given was a copy of the receipt as to what I had unlnowingly purchased. Let me just say that the majority of bonafide online merchants (Amazon being a Prime Example) provide the customer with the ability to review, edit or delete an order b4 placing it. Being in the service business for well over 30 years, all I can add is that this takes the cake. I would just love to strangle the individual/s who came up with this deceitful strategy. In reality, I guess I should have known better in that there there was no definitive contact information for this website such as a location or phone number in addition to a 2018 copyright shown in the footer below. All considered,unless you want to get burned, stay away from this website. I should also add that while the receipt shows the manufacturer’s name, the order was place through Probiotic Pill Reviews which according to what I have been able to find appears to be a distributor for and a separate entity from Stone Hedge Health who manufactures the Probiotics.


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