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Professional Commercial Services, LLC Martin Rutten On 12 09, 2016 Mr Rutten agree to skim out all interior walls to smooth finish, apply knock down texture on all interior walls and ceiling for 2200.00 after he started the work he increase the price to $2800.00, At the time he increase the price I believe that it was a raisable increase, As he continue working, he continue to charging me more work he had already agree to do for a total of $2200.00, Martin Rutten indicated that if I did not pay what he wanted he will file a lien on the property and he further stated to me the he new a jude in town that can help him because of the threats I pay a total of $3910.00 the payment were made as fallow On 12/15/2016 $510.00 check #57615. Wish he cash On 12/12/16$1600.00 check # wish he cash On 12/16/2016 $1400.00 cashier check #41209164. Wish he cash On 12/16/2016 you receive $400.00 check 57616 As of today 12/20/2013 he has receive funds of $3910.00 for a job that we agree that it will be for $2200. Martin Rutter has threaten me that if I do not pay $5800.00 he can not respond if something will happen to me or the property. Do not do any business with Professional Commercial Services, LLC 9952 Feathers Ct. Invoice 2016098 Jacksonville, Fl. 32246. They are not a LLC in florida or Texas, make sure that he is bonded, and do not pay more then what it was agree, make sure you receive a sign proposal


  • Name: Professional Commercial Services, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 1543 N Laura St
  • Phone: 904-469-5993
  • Website:

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