No refunds issued. Prolexin doesn’t work.


My Complaint: I ordered a product that promised:

?Speed Up Muscle Repair Time
?Sculpt Away Stubborn Fat
?Supercharge Your Sex Drive
?Give you More Stamina
?Boosts Your mental and Memory Skills

I received none of these. I actually experienced adverse sexual side effect such as shrinking of the penis, lower sperm production, trouble maintaining and get an erection, and sever headaches. This product does not work and they will not refund your money past 14 days. It takes you 3-5 to get the product. They will also continue shipping the product unless cancelled in the first 14 days. There isn’t enough time to evaluate the effectiveness of the product before you are required to cancel. When you try to cancel they try to sell you other products and continue trying to offer other solutions and products. This is an all hype product with no results, aimed at taking advantage of customers and not issuing refunds. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK!


My Demand: Money Back

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