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This report is regarding Providian medical supplies, here is my story. In late May of 2014 went to purchase a GE voluson 730 ultrasound machine from Providian medical. During the process the salesman Jason Sanders told me that he had a much more cost effective unit for what I was using the machine for and should purchase the sono scape s2 unit from them because it was one their most popular and effective units and assured me that it would be more than capable of providing what I needed it to. So I paid the $16,000 for the machine and apps training and awaited it’s arrival. When the machine arrived a man named Brian Gill came to do the training and we quickly realized that the machine was not at all what was promised. Ie it wouldn’t produce effective 3d images or even pick up a fetal heart tone. So I called Providian back and told them that this machine is not at all what I was promised and that I wanted the GE machine that I had origanlly tried to buy. Providan agreed to take the machine back and credit the sonoscape toward the GE. So I paid an additional $14,000 for the GE machine and I was told that it would arrive within a week. We’ll a month went by and 100’s of phone calls later and I still had no machine. I cancelled the order after being lied to for a month and got and agreement from Jeff Gromack who said he was their national sales manager that I would be receiving a refund of all of my money except the $2500 that was for applications training Within 30 days of my June 12 2014 letter. So as off 21 Aug 2014 I have yet to receive any refund and better yet got an email saying that they were going to send me the refund minus 25% of the $31,000 for a restock fee on a machine that I never recived and one that they had agreed was subpar and agreed to take back. These people will lie to you, avoid your phone calls, and cheat you anyway possible. We have begun the process of filing paperwork in order to take them to both civil and criminal court aa this seems to be the only way that we are going to retribe any of the money that these crooks have stolen.

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