Pruvit Ventures Review


Pruvit is a joke 3 months ago I found out I could not take your product due to a heart problem. I cancelled but you sent it out anyway. So I returned a shipment for a refund and again cancelled my shipments. You took the shipment BUT KEEP TAKING MY MONEY EACH MONTH!!! I asked my upline to cancel and she told me it was out of her hands and quit talking to me because I no longer made her money. I asked the lady above her and she has not gotten back to me either. Over 3 months now that I have been begging to stop this and you are just taking my money and not helping me. I am blind so I can’t get on a computer and do it myself. (My daughter is typing this) you should be ashamed. your phone # does not work and you do not return emails. This is a scam! Quit taking my money! Anyone reading this. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!! ONCE INVOLVED YOU CAN’T GET YOUR CC INFO BACK AND THEY TEACH THEIR PEOPLE TO IGNORE YOUR REQUEST TO STOP YOUR SHIPMENTS.

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