Psych Care Consultants Review


So I have been going to Psyche Care Consultants for 2 years not once seen the doctor but i have talked to him on the phone and when I did he was very rude i waited 3 hours for a call back which is not extremly long but annoying. He said he would not fill my medication and was going to fire me as a patient. After that i had to beg him figureitivly on my knees to call in 2 of my 60 medications I see the nurses every month and because of Walgreens I was short a week so I had to call the exchange and after i begged him he finally said I might call it in for you and you have to be at the Office the next day. Another time I had a appointment with him Dr. Malik he canceled and then the nurse did too. So 3 weeks later after running out of my spare meds, yes I said Spare because I know if I dont have some extra on hands I might have to go without and I will go though bad withdrawls. He has canceled on me over 12 times and double books appointments where he can get more money for his time. Very Rude they finally have some new employees which are nicer than some of the old ones. If i had to rate the whole company it would be a 2 out of 10 Stars horrible experinces and long waiting times and trying to find another doctor for medications that i take would be hard to get in waiting times are over 1 month to see a new doctors as much as 4 months only reason i have yet to change doctors offices. .

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