@psychic_true_love victoria white/stephanie lee New York


Complaint: Between April and October 2018, “Victoria”” conned me out of 3500$+..In the begining she said would be 300$ from start to end. But than my case got more complicated. She asked for 600$ more and than 100$. She said that me and my ex would be together forever

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Address: instead while I was paying her the relationship that we had evaporated and we went our seperate ways. She said she spent the money on crystals that she used for our psychic case. I asked for my money back or to atleast send me the crystals so I could sell them to try and recover some of the money. She doesnt want to hear anything of it. She still asks for more money

Website: credit lines

Phone: despite the fact that I’m literally begging her to send it back. I’m 2000$ in credit card debt because of her. She is heartless

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