Complaint: Don’t let the name fool you. is an arm of the Church of Scientology. They are dedicated to the erdacation of the practice of Psychiatry. Numerous websites with the Church of Scientology have posted the most bizzare and crazy claims I have ever seen. These incluide that Psychiatrists are responsible for 911 and the Holocaust., with its owner a Scientologist has created this website to due Scientology’s bidding. They have story after story of Psychiatrists supposedly commiting some crime. The articles are either fake or the facts are twisted so much that the information on there is not accurate. Then again if you think Psychiatry is responsible for 911 and the Holocaust then maybe you should visit this website! I would urge everyone that is either a mental health patient, listed on that site, all Psychiatrists, all doctors to write your reviews here as well. The Church of Scientology is a terrorist organization. Any group that uses violence as a means for political change is by definition a terrorist.

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