PTS And Installation Crew – Precision Transducer Systems Roanoke Rapids North Carolina Review


I was approached by some individuals in a van. They asked me if I were interested in home theater speakers. They said they had a surplus and they were a guarantee sell. Since they intended to sell the rest of the surplus on ebay. They gave a retail price of $1,950 dollars for the speakers. nThen asked how much I was willing to pay. I eventually settled on $350, because I wasn’t sure how good the speakers were. nBut I really should have done better, but the relative retail price and magazine article with an advertised price of approx. $2,000 threw me off.After they got my money they were speeding away like crazy and took off in a white van. nRasheinnRoanoke Rapids, North CarolinaU.S.A.

461 Dupoint Avenue Ontario, California U.S.A.


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