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This company that keeps calling me I read is a fraud!! I wish I knew that! Like a lot of people on this site, I thought I was getting a good deal on some good name brand magazines! So I agreed to subscribe to them because at the time I could afford to get them. Well first off the first lady that called me was very polite and she seemed very honest. Well she called me at the wrong time because I was very very sick with the stomach flu and cold and i was completely out of it. Well I agreed to subscribe and the agreement was a 2 year contract and pay for magazines for 2 something a week for 5 magazines. Well ofcourse to anyone thats a great deal! So she asked me for my debit card or check number so I could get the magazines going but thank God at the time I didnt have my bank account open so she set a later time to get it from me. Well another lady called and she sounded like a older lady and she was very rude and quick to tell me that if i didnt pay for the magzines that it would go on my credit and it would go into legal documentations that I didnt go through with my contract. So I told her how can i get introuble if i never recieved any magazines or even pay the first payment. And she kept on insisting that I couldnt break it or ill have to go to court. So then i thought well i dont want to get introuble so i said well i get paid friday so i may pay then just depends after i pay all my bills bcus im really far behind and she said well you HAVE to pay friday and i said well like i said itll have to be after bills are paid because bills come before magazines. And she got real rude again repeated everything again and i said can i talk to your supervisor and she said well um your talking to the supervisor and i said so im talkimg to the supervisor and she said yup you are and i said hmm.. so your ahead of the whole thing and she said yup. And i said im pretty sure your not. And she said your being recorded right now and i said okay?? Well whats the name of your buisness and she told me and while i was writing it down she said and??? Very rudely and i said and ill be calling the people ahead of you and i hung up. Well i was expecting a call back because i knew something was up but i didnt. So i googled the name and i seen that it was a fraud. And i read the reports and i been through what people have been through. So i thought id give my two cents and share with everyone that they are a fraud! These people really need to be stopped!!!! Very angry concerned Magazine Buyer!!

Buffalo Buffalo, New York USA


Credit Card Fraud

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