Puppy Shoppe edison New Jersey Review


i went to the puppy shop in march 2006 to buy a puppy for my two children. the owners were very pushy for me to take a puppy home. nmy airdale terrier came home and devoloped a cough the next week after being home with my family. i called the puppy shoppe and they told me to bring “Brandie”” in for their vet tech to check out. we were then given antibiotics in a baggy and told to come back in a week.nafter another week my dog didnt get better i took her to my vet. nmy vet diagnosed her with pneumonia

and signed an unfit for sell. my dogs health declined and then was hospitalized with pneumonia. i contacted the puppy shoppe for help!! their response was your time limit is over. we are not responsible anymore. i had to pay over $1400 in vet bills to save my poor dog. nthe experience was very emotional for my children not knowing if their puppy was going to live or die. nDiananedison

New JerseyU.S.A.”

R T 1 South Edison, New Jersey U.S.A.

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