PuppySpot Group Review


Puppyspot has kennels and puppymills sending them photos of puppies and puppyspot posts the photos of the puppies. One of puppyspots main head quarters is in utah. How many of you can quess why? The amish must be so excited and increasing their breeding dogs at leaps and bounds. Lol. Puppyspot doesn”t sees the puppies in person, and simply posts photos sent to them by the kennel. A dog breeder can send you any puppy they want and not the puppy in the photo they sent to puppyspot. Puppyspot collects the money for puppies it does not see, feel, touch or take care of. Puppyspot knows absolutely nothing about the puppies they place photos of on their websites. I know a woman that bought a teacup chihuahua that looks like a collie and is 12 lbs. I met another woman who”s was promised a teacup pom 3 lbs full grown and it is already 5 lbs at 4 months and looks like a german shepard. The puppy does not look like the breed it was sold as. If the breeders had good quality they would not need puppyspot to sell their puppies for them. Puppyspot is going to promote more and more people to take up breeding dogs because such people will not have to sell their own puppies and can hide and hoard with no worries of being found out. Such breeders will just send photos to puppyspot. Such people can just send puppyspot photos of puppies they claim to have and then these breeders can send you what? Will it be that puppy in the photo? Puppyspot only see pictures, no actual puppies. Will you get that puppy in the photo?? The picture could be years old. Go to actual breeders and steer clear of these puppy slingers who charged my friend $3000 for a fake chihuahua that is 4 months 5 lbs and looks like a shepard mix. Quality breeders sell their own puppies! Think! Puppyspot is depending on naive gullible people to keep going. Anyone who has been cheated by high price and low quality please help warn consumers by posting your own complaint. Please do not add on to mine, but make your own. The more awareness then the faster this dog kennel pimping company is exposed for the truth.

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