Puritan Vitamins Puritan’s Pride Nature’s Bounty Clearwater Florida Review


I ordered supplements and vitamins from Puritan’s Pride online at www.puritan.com. Under shipping, it included an option to have “next day”” shipping. I chose “”next day”” shipping so that I could have my order the next day. Unfortunately

my order did not come the next day. When I called Puritan

their customer service representative informed me that “”next day”” means that the order is placed the next day

not shipped to you the next day. In fact

she indicated that orders typically take 2-3 days when you order “”next day”” shipping. This is not made clear in the shipping options. Why would someone order “”next day”” shipping if it takes 2-3 business days to get to you? It makes no sense and needs to be clearly marked by the company. The company said they would refund the “”next day”” shipping charge

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