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After reading the many complaints submitted by other victims of the Purse Forum, I decided to do a little digging on my own. Last year I listed a Louis Vuitton handbag that I had personally purchased at an LV retailer in New York for auction, I needed to earn some cash for my upcoming wedding, and decided that I would list some of my items on Ebay. I was shocked when Ebay removed my listing claiming I had committed a trademark violation by listing the item, and that the item “may not be authentic.” Of course I was confused, knowing full well that it was an item purchased by me personally from an LV retailer, and could not figure out why it had been removed based on these complaints. I began to wonder just how many other people this had happened to, and if they knew that their listings were called out as fakes, when they were in fact authentic handbags. I would not have even known who called my listing out if an interest buyer had not emailed me a told me that my bag had been verified as fake by the authenticators on Purse Forum. In all honesty, my first reaction was fear, what had I done wrong, and why was I being called out in this way. That is until I started looking into the reputation of this website Purse Forum. I was shocked to learn that they are not real authenticators, and even more shocked to learn that they habitually target sellers outside of their group to be removed from Ebay in order to limit their competition. I was even more angry to learn that Ebay has done nothing about it. I am sure that I will receive a ton of comments from happy Purse Forum members, claiming that I am a liar, or confused, or crazy, but I am sharing this information so that buyers and sellers will understand who they are dealing with. I also found a ton comments claiming that these reports are all made by the same person. That is of course laughable, and there are literally hundreds of pages of comments from people who have experienced the same nonsense, but did not take the time to file a complaint here. Not to mention many other complaints on other websites that can be easily viewed. I found the Purse Forum website to be difficult to navigate if you are trying to find out why they called your item a counterfeit. But what I learned is that they do not actually provide any reason for doing so, they simply state that it “looks off to them” or simply say “fake” and provide no further details. This is not acceptable, and should not be acceptable to those looking for verification on this website. My suggestion for those who have been in this situation is that you plug the words “seller id” followed by your Ebay seller ID into Google for a quick search, and see if your name comes up in this supposed authentication website. My second suggestion is that you contact all of your bidders/buyers and share the numerous links to the reports of fraud and harassment on this site and other websites that have been perpetrated by this group so that they may make an informed decision for themselves. Then, report to them to Ebay and anywhere else you can on the internet. Do not let them get away with defrauding buyers or slandering your name! Bottom line here, these people have no business authenticating designer items, nor have they been asked to by the makers of these items. If I told you that I had performed prostate exams on hundreds of people but was not trained or licensed to do so, would you let me perform yours and issue you a diagnosis?

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