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Complaint: I came across a 2007 Lincoln Navigator-v8 call them an was asked to come out an look at the vehicle filled out the paper work an begain the process on the car i had my last pass check stub an eveything else i needed they ask for 4000 down when it was on the internet for 900 down but the guy Lance said that was with good credit ok i paid the 4000 down the only paper work that i was givin was a promise in writing form on the thang that needed fixed on the car a piece of paper saying i paid them 7 days in to having this car a lady from qmotors called me an said that the bank wanted me to return the car that they would not finance it i ask her at that time would all money be returned back to me because it had only been 7days she said yes i told her i was on my way when returning the car i was asked did i want another car i said no he ask me to look at a 300 i didnt like it the check engine light was on he said he could fix i said no my soon to be husdand was on the phone an i let him know what was going on an he asked to speck to David an he also told him just to return the money he said ok it would be 7 to 10 days i ask for something in writing an he said the check would be in on time i call in 8 days an ask if the check was in Lance put David on the phone who had a very bad attitude they spoke to me an my soon to be husband like they were drug dealer or some not of a car lot so my pastor of my church call because he sales cars an he know more about it then i an he was told that the bank had finance it an i wasnt getting any money back to come pick up the car so after talking rude to a pastor i knew i was dealing with someone i needed help with so i call Becky oliver from news4 she gave them a call an they told her i lied on my app said i told them i work full time i had check Stubbs for that matter well they told her i will get my money back within a week this was friday on Saturday they call me at 10am an said they would have a check for 3200 which was not a full refund i went out at 2:00 an they acted as if i was not in the building i asked David after the 5 or 6 time he passed me was a check in he said he didnt have one an if it didnt come by 5:00 it wasn’t coming then he said it would be monday after 2:00 he never called so i called an he said he had a check once i got the check he showed me the check it said 3200 that was not the full refund but by now i just needed my money an was thanking God for being able to pay a few bills so i go to try an cash the check an the back says for deposit only know one would cash it so now in here the day afterward which it may 10 not knowing what to do an they are not answering my phone calls Arlington Texas I got a Lincoln navigator from them the bank didn’t finance the car so within 7day they ask for it back they got the car on the day they ask for it back the 7th day i had it an said i would be refunded the 4000 that i paid i wasnt an it is 2almost 3 weeks later an im still trying to get my money they had me come out yesterday an gave me a check that was 3200 not 4000 an it could not be cashed because on the back of it they wroke deposit only i have a check with no vaule behind it

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