Qingdao Shenlan Trade Review


I was online searching for Tory Burch shoes and found deals on Facebook which took me to a site that looked exactly like Toby Burch’s site. I purchased the discounted shoes for $100 as they were claiming it was a sale. When I received the shoes the package was from China and came in a fake Tory Burch box and was the wrong size. When I opened the box they smelled toxic and I had to put them outside. I was mostly concerned with my newborn daughter and dogs inhaling the toxic fumes. They smelled like spray paint from a factory. The bottom of the shoes had a clear sticker and when I took it off it ripped the bottom on the wedges. The shoes are cheap in quality and not real leather. I learned my lesson from buying items from Facebook posts because most of them come from China and specifically Chen Xin. I wish I knew how to get my money back. Naomi Nelson

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