Qingdao TaiHongDa Chemical Co.,Ltd Geneva Other Review


After asking for quotations on Alibaba someone called Angel of THDchem Group gives you credible quotations however its company has no Alibaba account. Payment is required to Zhangbin or Bin Zhang (Address: shandong Road,Qingdao,266000,China – – Mobile:+86 18678936109) or to Taihongda Group Co., Ltd located at No 3, Dongzhong Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, China. They don’t email any tracking number nor deliver any product. My report is the 3rd one on ripoffscams.com about this company.

NO.612-11 Qingshan Road, Licang District Qingdao, China


Thdchem.com or Pharmatdh.com

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