Quality Inn (Rock Hill) Cherry Rd. Rock Hill SC Review


I spent exactly 1 night at this hotel location somewhat near my main residence a month ago on Oct. 17th to be exact. Upon check-in I was required to submit a cash or debit deposit in the amount of $100.00 since I lived within 50 miles of the facility. I followed procedure as this was the only way that I was going to have a room to sleep in this particular evening; and was told that it could take up to 10 business days for said deposit to be returned on my card. In 3 days it will be exactly a month since I stayed at their property. I have called and spoken with the highest position on site over a dozen times, I have drove to the site and tried to speak with a manager only to be told every single time that I arrive there is no manager currently on site. While staying at this hotel I followed all rules and guidelines at all times. I never once had another person come visit, nor did I make any noise that could be heard by another guest what-so-ever. At first when I called the office to extend my room 1 additional day I was told by Billy that I was not allowed to rent a room from their facility and was not given a reason why. Me being curious and needing validation in regards to something like this; I decided to reach out and contact Choice Rewards as I am a diamond status member with virtually all hotel reward programs and no stranger to anything relating to a hotel in any way, shape, or fashion. After about 25 minuteS I was able to speak directly with Brenda Strain (Asst. Property Manager) and was told at first that marijuana was found in my room after I stepped out that next morning. The weird part of course with me not being a smoker of this was that I stepped out of my room around 9:45am and called the property around 10:15 to request the extension. This being said, I had not checked out of the hotel yet nor was it check out time and one would think that someone had helped themselves to enter my room at their convenience. Not Cool…. But as a few minutes go by and I am still inquiring factual information from Brenda the story all of a sudden changes from marijuana in my room to cocaine in my room. I then proceeded to ask Brenda if I may be allowed to see photos of said drug evidence collected from my room as I was beside myself feeling completely uneasy and helpless. This is when I was told that head of housekeeping made this discovery while in my room which mind you is about 45 minutes before check out time and I had never checked out mind you. “We dont take any pictures of anything like that Mr. Baker”” Brenda told me with a stern voice. I must have sounded scared and lost as I became nauiscous from pure powerlessness. Any business that is going to take it upon themselves to make such bold and dangerous aqusations one would think that they would be required to not only possess proof and/or data regarding this but also be required to keep said info for the accused to at least have a look at. I explained my position to her and the facts that I did not bring any substances that were illegal in the room and I was going to seek out legal coarse at this point not only for slander but for the deffamation of charachter and the lies (that can kill someone publicly). A few minutes after hanging up with Brenda

I receive a text from the property Manager appologizing for all the lies and accusations

and repeatidly was told that I was not banned from the property and would be allowed to rent from this hotel any time I desired. Honestly after attending this “”crazy”” drama filled circus ride I will in fact never be staying at this property again. After almost 30 days

multiple lbs of sweat

and multile headaches from the lack of cooperation

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