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I to was scammed out of $ 5000. from Quality Wholesale Homes. I started trying to get my money back in July of 2008. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau that went on for 7months the company had me sign a form saying that they would give me my money back if I signed it, that was in Dec 2008. The response they kept giving to the BBB as to where the money was THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL the BBB had to close the file as unresolved. They told me that there was nothing more that they could do. I called the Utah Division of Consumer Protection and was told that there was nothing their office could do. I have talked to another person that took them to small claims court and the company didn’t show up. They know what they are doing and how to get around the law. I talked to a lawyer and he said that most won’t take the case because to file as one person the amount of money is too small. This scam has got to STOP! I have the name of several Investigative Reporters in Utah that I am thinking about contacting also I am considering contacting NBC’s Dateline and ABC’s 20/20. The more names I get of people that have gotten scammed the greater the chance that they might listen. Maybe some negative publicly will help people get their money back. If your interested in helping me help others get their money back let me know. nMarynTehachapi, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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