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Complaint: This report is being bought against Queen City Auto sales who Owner Mohamed s and his Significant other sold me a 2003 Chevy Avalanche truck in. Nov 2015 .The trck was advertised. Cash price for 6000.00 . But when I got to the car dealership. I was told that the truck was 8000.00 and they do in house financing. On their vehicles. I offered them 3000.00 down and Mohamed told me If I gave them 4000.00 he would get the temp tags . So I gave them 4000.00 down . Before giving them the money I ask to look and hear the truck run and test drive. I was allows to hear the truck run but was unable to test drive it. I listen to the truck did not hear anything wrong it sounded good .i had my husband see if there was any leaks ., And to his Knowledge. He did not see leaks but when I put the car in drive to pull it up a little from the parking spot it made a loud popping sound . I ask the lady who is Mohamed’s / manager / what was that sound and I was told it was from sitting too long not being driven.I have never owned a puck up truck so of course I believe what she said to be true. At that time I also notice a light on that said 4th gear .I asked about this light and was told that was for 4 wheel gears . Once again not knowing that the truck should not been in 4wheel but in Automatic. Being blindly. Led to belive that the truck was fine and never being allowed to test. Or ask to test drive I purchased the vehicle for 10,000 with 4000,00 down. Monthly payments 300.00 a month .which I payed faithful on time 13 months when the rear end went out on my truck . While driving down the street to pick up my daughter fro. A friends house on thanksgiving. Day the truck made a loud breaking noise that came. From underneath. I pulled the truck to the side of the road and my husband got out the truck to see what broke , but nothing was visiabl to be seen. But there was this noise that was horrible and the tires were stiff .the popping. Sounds that i hand been hearing in the truck when i would back up or put in to drive , turn out to be the rear end was bad . When i took the vehicle to repair shop they told me the rear end was gone ask me how long had i been driving the truck in 4wheel and i ask them how would i know i l driving in 4wheel and I told them that light was on when i purchased the truck and WA never told it could not be driven that way .but then when the machine put it in Automatic they realize the only reason the truck was able to be driven was that the other greats were out and that I had been sold a truck with year in problems and that I was lucky it had lasted as long as it did. I was told it would cost me about 1800.00 dollars to fix it and that was if the drvie shaft needed to be replaced or rebulid. After reporting to the Queen City this problem they denied knowing that the rear end was going on the truck and told me I could miss two car payments in order to get the truck fixed .I was very heart broken about this .they had no machanic that could fix my truck and had no way to get my disabled children to school or to there doctors appointments .

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Address: 3284 NTryon st Charlotte , North Carolina USA


Phone: 704 333 8550

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