Complaint: I have had a horrible experience with Quick Bye. My credit card was overcharged by them and when questioned about it, i could get no answers from them. Before that they were uploading my truck to all the worng sites- that were not agreed to with countless mistakes on the ad. They could not get the details right about my truck. I have been calling for countless days now asking to speak to the gentlemen I initially spoke with and he is no where to be found. No one from this company is willing to answer any of my questions or concerns. I am reporting this as fraud and a scam and to be aware of this false company. They overcharged me for services they we’re not living up too and now have gone MIA once they got my money. Richard- Toronto, Ontario

Tags: Auto Advertising Services

Address: 7330 Maple St OMAHA, NE United States

Website: quickbye.com/

Phone: 308-229-4266

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