Quitia Davis – Camden, South Carolina South Carolina


Quitia Davis has been having an affair with a married man at her job at the post office for the past year and a half. This ghetto chick has 3 children with 3 different men and apparently has a “thing” for married men since her last child is by a married man also. Quitia thought is was a good idea to pursue and have an actual relationship with another woman’s husband and claims that she feel in love with this married man. She has no shame at all! She would send naked pictures of herself, buy condoms, and would send messages enticing him to have sex with her. The CRAZIEST part is that she was having sex with this man the entire time while encouraging him to leave his Wife who was PREGNANT at the time!!!! Apparently this woman who is a ***** with no conscious, self-worth, or remorse. She is willing to be with any man that gives her an ounce of attention married or not. Quitia Davis seems to f*** anything with a penis and has no morals. Ladies and Gentlemen beware… She can be found living at her grandparents house with her illegitimate children because she spends more time finding married men to sleep with than she does taking care of her responsibilities.

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