Quiznos Dayton Ohio


Complaint: The store in Downtown Dayton has become a nasty nightmare. When it first opened it was great (as all new stores would be). But over the past couple years it has hit rock bottom. I complained as a consumer who has received bad service should. I was told management had changed and decided to give the store another try (we use the place for box lunches for monthly meeting). New management is a laugh. The owner/manager Allen was rude and nasty. I was told we would be charged extra for the same thing we have always been getting, ordered right off their fax menu. According to their website a box lunch includes any regular sub, cookie and bag of chips. He told me: the sub are small (not regular) size, the cookie could only be chocolate chip and the patron could give his cookie away to someone, the chips are what we have. I told him we need the order by 11:00am that day (4 box lunches) when I called the order in at 9:30am because their fax machine was not working that morning or the day before (around 4:00pm-they don’t close until 6:00pm). He said it was working, (i printed off our fax report activity sheet to show him). He said the order can’t be ready until noon because he only has one person working (one person working a downtown store-not likely). In the past the staff, those sloppy at times, would try their best to make sure my orders were done. My order have never been over 6 box lunches at a time, never. I always fax them over the first thing if not the day before. This Allen man will for sure run the place to the ground just like the laundromat he used to own years ago!!! Proceed with cautious when ordering from there. New management, Please!!!! Marie Dayton, OhioU.S.A.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 38 N Main St Dayton, Ohio U.S.A.


Phone: 937-2247849

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