R & R Car Company Review


They have an ( F ) with The Better Business Bureau. Also, they’re devil’s in disguise and despicable at their job. I financed a vehicle from them that was already messed up from the get go, They refuse to give me back my money or give me another vehicle. I’m taking legal action through Michigan’s Lemon Law and everyone else that had a problem should too. | They lie to reel you in, then you get a f**ked up car. They know the cars are f*cked before they sell or buy them but they don’t care about nothing accept to see if they can get your money. I used to think these people were a blessing to the community but they’re Satan little helpers to continue to f*ck up the rest of the world. | But God don’t like ugly and he don’t like people messing over his sheep. They’ll get their karma and when they do, it’s going to hit HARD. FULL POWER BLOW!!! DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND TO MY DOG IF HE DROVE. THAT’S HOW TERRIBLE THEY ARE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL THAT DEALS WITH THEM!!!


  • Name: R & R Car Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Roseville
  • Address: 28675 Utica Rd
  • Phone: 1 586-944-2886
  • Website: www.rrcarcompany.com/

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