Rachael Strange – Syracuse, New York New York


This NASTY stripper likes to go to the bars and gets drunk and gives lap dances to the bar tender. Has nothing better to do than sit around and talk shit about her fiancés “baby momma” because she has no life. Doesn’t ever say anything back to anyone when they talk to her face. Claims she’s been engaged for 3 years but acts like a HOE. I feel bad for her fiancé. Jealous ass b*tch with no life and nothing better to do. Go dance on the pole hunnnyyyyy since that’s the only way you can make any money. T R A S H is all this chic is and all she will ever be. Thinks she hot when she’s the farthest thing from hot. I can’t wait till someone (myself) catches her around town… claims “her hands go to work”.. hahaha..

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