Rachel Carrier – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Hawaii


Rachel Carrier is a server at Sansei’s Waikoloa! Has a boyfriend that also works with her but still is sleeping with the chef behind his back and the chef is married to a beautiful woman! She goes around bragging how she has a second life and is sleeping with a 45 year old, claiming she may as well turn her sweet bf into her side ho and make the old man her main. Caught walking out of the Queens Bowl late one night. Her and the chef are trying to get her poor sweet bf fired so that she can break up with him and so the chef can finalize his divorce and be with this little ho. This 19 year old traded her hard-working 22 year old bf who did anything for her, for a 45 year old cheating toothless man. Perverted, can you say? Funny with all the hardcore planning! Wouldn’t it be easier to just let the other halves know? She also willingly admitted to a few coworkers that she has had sex with the chef. I hope his wife will find out soon and may she rake him for every last penny when she notifies the judge of the adultery he has committed.

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