Rachel Ellis – Rio Rancho, New Mexico New Mexico


On September 22, 2016, My friend received the most heartbreaking life altering news you possibly could in a relationship, Her boyfriend hand been cheating on her with the w***e he he claimed to be his bestfriend. Myself and my friend have so many things to say to her (We speak our minds to him daily about it) So here’s my letter to my friends HW. ?Dear HW, A lot of people say you can’t wreck a home if the home is already wrecked. This is untrue. Granted, he and She had their ups and downs, but who doesn’t. When he decided go to New Mexico for you, on his birthday I said to my friend “isn’t it kinda odd that he’s going to go visit another girl for his birthday?” And I was right to have my suspicion… following my suspicion I had learned from your best friend Calle, that you were trying to get with Logan when you knew full well that he was in a committed relationship, and had a baby on the way. Fortunately me and my friend ended your little escapade before sex happened, even though you say “I wouldn’t let him touch me he had a girlfriend” HA!!! That girlfriend was obviously my friend who you have met, smiled in her face and lied about being her friend. You and my friends boyfriend had stopped being friends for some reason, Then you came back around and how I wished you had stayed away but your lover kicked ya to the curb because you were to obsessed with my friends boyfriend. So you pursued him once again. After several “I don’t want him, I don’t do that to my friends, He’s a scumbag” you lay down and spread your legs to him. The same man you claim “I wouldn’t touch because he had a girlfriend” but you will touch even though he’s he’s in a relationship with a baby on the way!!! WHAT!!! Are you serious!!! So after your best friend Calle told me everything, including the screenshots of him telling you it shouldn’t have ever happened etc. (Which he denied when I send “I just got texts proving you have been cheating) After he knew there were screenshots his head dropped. Embarrassment I guess. It took him several hours to admit he had sex with you That was funny. Guess that shows how much he cared about you. You asked me one day “when will I get a husband to love me and only me” when you stop sleeping with everyone elses. It’s all good. She kept her boyfriend, she’s still figuring out why, and making sure it doesn’t happen again. While you are still sleeping alone at night. Probably because a lot of good men don’t want to be with someone who sleeps with everyone. But hey good luck!!!! I hope you find someone who does the same thing to you, you’re a cow.

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