Rachel Keller – Madison, Ohio Ohio


My husband went away for work with his brother in Ohio… came back home, everything was good, went back for another job and was supposed to come home after, but made arguments with me so he didn’t come back home, come to find out, his womanizing brother got him to start sleeping with the next door neighbor, Rachel Keller. Now she knew all about me, met me, met our kids, and knew he was in constant contact with me. Does she care?? No.. instead she thinks it’s funny, and continues to sleep with him anyway!! What she doesn’t know, is that he is using her cause he was tired of working to support his family, but her kids dad pays all the bills, so he won’t have to worry about stressing over it and he can use her for a free house n’ all the money too… cause he did the “job” but has no money… and he won’t even come home for Christmas to our kids!! I am left doing everything on my own.. smh.. they are both a P.O.S. Rachel Keller, and Mike Tuskweth… and so is his brother. How you can use someone and break up a home to leave the kids and wife hurt. We are the only ones hurting at all. We are the only ones hurt…

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