Rachel Woelke – Westmorland, California California


This dirty raunchy white trash gutterslut used to be my friend or so I thought. Until I found out about her talking shit about me to everyone she talked to. She grew up with my boyfriend so they knew each other already but he didn’t like that I was hanging out with her because she is trouble and she has opened her legs for way in the triple digits he said. So last year I just quit talking to her because she was doing what she was doing. Now I know for a fact just what kind of nasty ***** she is because I saw first hand. She was messing around with at one time at least up to ten guys. She is down to anything where sex is concerned. She is addicted to dope and dk. She is a manipulative calculating evil b*tch. So fast forward to about 17 days ago when it all came out and he was really caught. He was still having relations with me even though we were having problems. He told me everything was going to be ok. Well he has been lying to me since the beginning of April. I figured out by what I’ve been told from various people that that’s when they started to hang out with each other. He was also disappearing all nite showing up early saying he had been working. Lies. He stopped answering when I would call him and his texts often went unanswered. I had a feeling he was messing around but when i found out it was her I was so shocked and I felt like a damn fool. When i asked him if it was true when I was told about it he turned it around and tried to make it seem like Iwas making this up. Well the next day I saw them together I pulled up at his friends house to confront her but he started telling me to go on and leave him alone. Yes I flipped and I might have broken his windshield and drivers side door window but he did provoke it. He then proceeded to come over the next four days and we were intimate. I let him borrow my car to go to work but the last day he keptball day and all nite until i had a friend go tell him i needed it. He had an attitude and said he wasnt going to give me shit until the car he got towed was out of storage. I heard him talking to a woman over the phone and i asked him is that Rachel? He said yes. I walkes over to his friends house and he ignored me and set the key on top of the trash can and walkes into his friends house and i havent seen or talked to him in over two weeks. Hes with her all the time and she is always at his friends house. I can say its sex and dope for both of them. And she will do pretty much anything sexually. She is trouble and she gwts off on destroying peoples relationships. I would be embarrassed if i were him because i know for a fact that she is sleepibg with quite a few more men. He is a total dumbass and hes ignorant to the fact of what she really is. But im not gonna save him this time. He better figure it soon or hes gonna get caught up because of her. I wouldnt trust her around anyones young sons, boyfriends or husbands because guaranteed she is thrbone hitting them up and screwing them under your nose with a fake ass smile on her face.

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