Rachelle Cruz – Canon City, Colorado Colorado


Rachelle Cruz is a work place whore! She knew he was married when she continued to throw herself at him every chance she got. I watched her go to work early so she could sneak around with him either in the garage or in her office with the door closed. Everyone at work knew about it from the way they carried on with each other. The saddest part is she was doing this right under her own husbands nose telling him that they were just friends. The poor guy trusted them until he reviewed their cell phone activity. She was texting him at all hours of the day and night and sending him naked pictures. And the whole time she was doing this she was trying to be friends with his wife telling her there was nothing going on between them even though several people from their work told her otherwise. They finally got caught fooling around in the garage and it was reported to management. When she was confronted about it she lied telling them that he was the one doing everything and he wouldn’t leave her alone and claimed she had been threatened by his wife. Because she lied to save her job at the time she got him fired in the hopes that everyone would stop talking about catching her on her knees with him in the garage before her husband found out the truth. Of course the truth always finds a way to the surface. People like this make me sick and I have no sympathy or compassion. She deserves every ounce and more of the karma that will be dealt to her for the destruction and heartache she caused to so many innocent people. If you fool around with a married man you are a whore and a homewrecker! There is absolutely NO way to justify your actions. Beware of this one, she is good at making everyone around her think she is this sweet women that would never do such a thing. She has also been very good at hiding to avoid the other women, knowing she deserves whats coming for her.

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