Rachelle Siemone Dodson – Clarksburg, Maryland Maryland


Watch out ladies and men to be specific. This “HO” will try to pick up your man at the gas station pretending that her credit card doesn’t work to purchase gas. She convinces your man to give her gas money. This is how she got her filthy hands on my husband of 30 years. She took his phone number off the side of his truck and started the communication. She stroked his ego and eventually got in his pockets (money). While the hole time promising him sex continued to get money out of him for hotel stays because apparently she was homeless. Tricked him into giving her birthday money after promising him sex. This Ho is from Indiana and needs to go back there. She has a lengthy criminal record for theft, forgery, issuing false documents. She has been evicted from homes because she can’t afford to rent. She knew he was married from the start but disregarded anyone else feeling for her own greed. Clarksburg Maryland has a Ho in town. Don’t get me wrong my husband is to blame for this to. It takes two to destroy a marriage.

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