Radiant Systems Apple Support Review


About 9m Aug 9, 2017, I got a call from man calling himself Radiant Systems Apple Support, saying they got signals that my computer had problems and they could fix it, for payment. I could see that my computer was a mess, so I inquired to see if it was a scam. They showed my a ScamPulse.com webpage approving Radiant Systems. I paniced, but said negotiated and said "you fix it and then I will pay." So they fixed it and I paid $199.99 plus NY 8% tax. Next day my credit union called saying we had been scammed and they blocked my credit card. Then I found that There is no Radiant Systems Apple Support in Plainfield, and they would not answer the phone, or would answer and hang up. Then I found that the money right away went to Africa, Nigeria. So I cancelled my credit card and hope you can mount a large national warning to prevent this happening to others.

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