Raghyn Gibbs – Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia


In hopes youll find this without me having to dig back through facebook to try to find you, (I wont lie. Im kind of surprised I dont see you on here already). I found this in reply to another post and if I saw you again, first of all Id throw a drink at you for sending that picture to MY fiance and blatantly lied to me about it as my “friend”. But . it seems you just need guidance and Im worried youll hurt someone else as bad as this bs hurt me. I thought about karma. I thought about revenge. But i really think you just need help. “YOU will be saving the most important person from some very sad times ahead that you & staying true to the morals one generally holds for themselves ; YOU! Bc YOU are NOT some mans late night secret … we all deserve true love and true love is not to be kept unseen or secret. It’s to be shared with all actually. And when “the one” actually comes, you’ll be so glad you weren’t wrapped up in some fantasy land of pain and obscure lust that’s portrayed as love so you can have a fulfilling relationship without some very intense baggage …. this man just wants to have sex. We get emotionally attached when we are intimate but men don’t. They seem to just want something “different” and new bc THEY are bored or whatever (which is why you hear all about how unhappy he is with his wife – he is prepping you as you clearly can see from what you wrote) and it’s not YOUR job to fulfill his sexual needs. He has a wife, and she’s not you, and encouraging this is not going to make any of that go away. Relationships are hard as it / why add all that to it from the START ? YOU don’t really want that dysfunctional lifestyle anyway so be sure to be strong to be the adult and STOP this relationship. Grieve his loss and be patient bc your turn is coming and I promise you, it’s going to be FAR better than any married man and his broken promises can EVER be and you WILL THANK YOURSELF for not being foolish enough to believe that our desires are all that matters in life. We have our brains to use them…”. I saw all this and thought of you because Im sure you went through a lot after Anthony proposed then left you. Im sure you wanted so bad what me and my fiance had together. Im sure thats why you did what you did. I never did wrong to you before hand. Hes just as guilty but he is a grown man. You just turned 18 not all too long ago. I want you to understand your time for a beautiful family would be coming. I invited you to live with me because I saw you as someone who was close to me who I wanted to share my dreams and goals with. I wanted you in our family. And for you to see that and throw it away by lying and pictures and twisting things-Theres something more going on with you. Something wrong. I hope you can see that and fix it for yourself because before hand I believed you deserved love. Now you deserve karma. And then I hope you fix your shit and get the love you need. Everyone deserves that. Just change your ways. Reflect on yourself. Its true. You arent to be some mans late night secret because youre better than that. Do that for yourself like you shouldve before this situation happened.

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