Ramona Calise – Roseburg, Oregon Oregon


This is Ramona Calise, also known as “Mona the moaner”. Aside from being a home wrecker, she’s also the mill slore. I’m not quite sure what these men see in her because she looks and sounds like a man. She likes to sleep with men in relationships and enjoys destroying families. Everyone knows of her and there is even a list at work of all the men she sleeps with, including supervisors. She is a pathetic excuse for a woman. Multiple people have reached out to her boyfriend including myself to let him know she’s cheating on him. But he chooses not to believe it, even when proof was there right in his face. I’ve asked her why she felt the need to sleep with my husband but she denied it. Little does she know I have their text messages, which I sent to her. She has since blocked me on Facebook which I think is hilarious because there will be a day we cross paths and I will tell her to her face what a she is.

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