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Good Evening, I am DERRIAN GULLATTE the customer and victim filing a Complaint Against: Randall”s Store 2225 Louisiana St Houston Texas 77002 On December 5th 2019 around time of 12:20am I called a cab to Randall”s Store. I made it to Randall”s right before closing. The Security officer and two others were standing outside the store upon my arrival. As I hurried out can with my store bought grocery bags and backpack. Approaching the entrance the security officer only stated to me I didn”t have a lot of time closing in 10mins cause restocking day Wednesday.I was like huh I been here for years off & on and they”ve always closed at 1am. That was the only exchange taken place. The Defamation: (After gathering all my groceries my cart was filled very high top and bottom. Along with grocery items paid with EBT, I had products that were to be paid with cash which I had both forms of payment in my pockets.) During the midst of me retrieving the last item which was bread on bread isle; at that same moment items were rolling off the cart onto floor so without any criminal intent I put those items in my shopping bags & backpack that I usually carry along when I”m doing huge grocery shopping… It was approaching 1am closing so I hurriedly made up front to the checkout line. AT THAT TIME THE SECURITY GUARD she came behind me and was like I”m going to have to check your backpack & I said why are you accusing me of stealing she said no & I said why do you have to check my backpack & she replied because we”re having ppl leave their bags up front & I stated “why didn”t you inform me of that before I entered the store when you were harassing me about the remaining time I had to shop. I continued not one time did you follow me into the store or mention anything about the “backpack policy” & she said well I”m still going to have to check your bag and I said I don”t care you can check my bag. *** This is happening while I”m standing at checkout loading my groceries on the conveyor belt and she”s going on and on so once my groceries were almost all loaded the cart had enough room to put the stuff I didn”t have room for like those items in my bag I placed in grocery cart those were the things I was going to pay cash for. Groceries were being paid with EBT Gov” benefits. (I”m on disability mental & medical reasons) The security guard then came charging like around the backside of me and snatch the backpack out the cart and carried to a closed checkout line by then she I dispatched the manager informed him about her issue and I said y”all acting like I just walked out here and stole something and I”m a regular for many years off and on. So the Night Mgr went to go review the cameras he came back down and said yes he was stealing putting stuff in his bag. I said WHAT I SAID IM ABOUT TO PAY FOR THOSE THINGS WITH THE ALMOST $300 something dollars that I had in my pocket. Now I”m still standing in front of cashier and looking in my wallet for my ebt card and I found it & there was about 7 more food items needed to be scanned. So they pulled out the items I had trouble keeping in basket and was mocking me & what I had said which was I”m not stealing I haven”t stole anything and I”m going to pay for all that which I had EVERY INTENT TO DO FROM THE GET GO UPON MY TRIP TO RANDALLS. They said I was lying and that I was stealing and I”m like no I was not stealing because I never had intent to steal and if I was stealing I would have walked directly out store by passing all points of sale and that is stealing something that I haven”t done. The security guard begin calling police and I got a little hysterical in disbelief that with me standing there repeating over and over y”all are lying and accusing me of something that I haven”t done. So I yelled out an explicit and then said I”m going back home I can”t believe this “[censored]”. I walked off in shock and with tremendous anxiety because I am on probation and I refused to be wrongfully jailed for something that I did not do. I went to second floor to get out of there my mind wasn”t clear and I jumped from 2nd floor balcony landed on to the front parking near entrance. I wasn”t hurt or anything. I got up and all I heard was the girl that work in deli department and a black gentleman standing there and the two begin yelling here he is here he is out here. Both of them ran up behind me. The guy started punching me in back of my head & grabbing me she was pulling or tugging on my clothes and we fell then I got back up trying to get away from those two and the guy ended up knocking me down on ground nearest Milam street along side of road. The guy who I thought was loss prevention, he stomped and kicking on me so hard then I tried to get up and away I screaming for help as he kept attacking me. Then he wrestled me back onto the ground and she sat on my back and he put me in a choke hold with forearm around my neck and I cried out what are you doing I can”t breathe what are y”all doing why are y”all doing this and finally the male black got up from choking and the Randall”s Deli employee Hispanic girl got up from sitting on my back they caused enough damage to me than anything else. Thank You Derrian M. Gullatte [protected] Houston Texas 77002 Mobile# [protected] *I can be reached anytime of day if any questions Get Outlook for iOS

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