Randi Schwartz Zalayetayala – Livingston, New Jersey New Jersey


I am a stage IV breast cancer patient, during my treatments Randi Schwartz Zalayetayalamet my now (newly) ex online. They continued their online antics for 7 years!!! (I still have pics of her from 2009)I recently I found an invite from her to Skype my daughter. So I looked her up. I was very suspicious… and at first didn’t recognize her (she hasn’t aged well), then I found her nasty crotch pics, and she was kind enough to include some nudes with her face…”Randi is randy”…haha! (her words not mine) I have about 2 years worth of text and media files of this on going relationship, using various apps, static ip addresses, forwarding port, even sub netting networks. They were prepared and she obviously taught him well (he isn’t tech savvy… can’t even change wifi password…haha). I saw she was a traveling nurse and I jave put together a timeline to better understand what exactly happened. And discovered ahe was in town during my double mastectomy! I hope thos all comes back to you ten fold, RANDI! She should not be a nurse, no compassion at all. Her own mother was a breast cancer patient!! She has hurt 6 others because she feels the need to put her vagina on display! Well, I hope her decisions haunt her for the rest of her old wrinkly life!! I’m 18 years younger… 40lbs lighter and I am a fighter! I will not let her get away with this!

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