Randy Dabney – East Peoria, Illinois Illinois


Hey ladies if you are looking for an egotistical, narcissistic, liar, mamma’s boy, who thinks it is OK to hit women then here is your guy. Donald Randy Dabney is 55 years old. This guy lies so much that if his lips are moving then he is most definitely lying, Look for him to be on swinger web sites, and begging to take nude pictures of you to post on these sites. He is a heavy drug user and will lie about that as well. He definitely hates kids, but will lie of course will tell you differently. You will find that out how much he hates kids if he spends any time with yours. He is very charming and is very skilled at telling you what you want to hear. After he gets what he wants and it grows old you will start to see the real Randy. Oh, ask him about the bag of live kittens he threw in a dumpster…

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