Randy Eugene Mitchell – Ringgold, Georgia Georgia


My wife bugs me for two weeks that I better take her somewhere nice on our anniversary… she had been going with me from town to town cause I work on the road… one day she says she didn’t want to go that she wanted to go see her sister instead, she had all kinds of stories about them staying up all night, but she wouldn’t answer the phone or reply almost all night, this is a week before our anniversary… anniversary day… I got a pocket full of money ready to take her out to do whatever her heart desired… she tells me she is in bed at her sisters sick, I go by, not a soul was in the house, car was gone, she’s up and text me one text that nigh…t said “sorry, no wifi and I’m out of minutes…” I finally tell her I’m not stupid… nothing. I leave town and something tells me I needed to go back so one morning I left work and drove 2 hours and sure enough at the Waverly motel she been staying with this little blonde hair blue eye boy that drives a burgandy mustang with catoosa tags, she has used her parents to cheat, her kids as an excuse, and now her sister, she walked out on her kids and barely calls them, the best life she ever had was with me but yet she still has yet to talk to me…

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