Rappaport, Hiltner, & Crenshaw South Hadley Massachusetts Review


This was clearly a raffle. Iwas invited to enter and was lured into sending them aseries of Payments, never rxceeding #20.00. Eventually I received notice that I had won $4,278,278,000, which I wold receive if I sent thm anadditional $20.00 for administrative costs. That seemed absurd to me and I suggested that they take the $20 out of the award. I also received two other promises, for a total of $11,674,263.00, with a $20.00 “adminisstrative”” charge each time. If they had never told me I won anything

I would have forgotten the whole incident

figuring the chances of ever winning a raffle were pretty slim. But when I was promidsrd real money

in what for me are huge amounts

with no intent on their part to follow through

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