Raquel Barrera – Austin, Texas Texas


Sadly, this is my second post this month. He fooled me the first time, but never again. I bought his”I love you, I didn’t sleep with her, I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake” bullsh*t. Then two weeks later I find out about his”new” side chick. She 100% knows I am his girlfriend. We even work together. So now I have to face her everyday and think about what they did to crush my soul. I got a tip that they were having lunch together today while I was at work. So, I met them in the parking lot and confronted them both. She had absolutely no remorse. || I literally have PTSD from everything I’ve gone through, and she straight up told me,”I don’t care that he has a girlfriend. I don’t mind being the side chick. I’d f**k you too.” What kind of woman is okay with being open about having unprotected sex with taken men? I am the only innocent person in the equation, and now I have to get checked for every std in the book. I’m so scared. How could anyone do this to a faithful woman? He is clearly a piece of trash, and I’m done with him, but it doesn’t ease the pain. Yet, anyway. I know I’m so much better than her because I would NEVER do this to another woman. We are supposed to be part of an unspoken sisterhood. She smiled in my face, and got enjoyment out of seeing me in pain. A three year relationship. We planned our future.. Named our future children. And she smiled as she watched me dying inside. Her name is RAQUEL BARRERA. I’m gonna post the pics I found. He tried to hide them, but I am smarter than the average bear. Let me be clear though, this chick obviously sent him pics from yeeeeeears ago, because she’s at least 50 lbs heavier in real life. She literally has a mustache, and I know it seems impossible, but she’s the only girl I’ve ever seen with cellulite on her calves. Who has cellulite on their calves!? I am an attractive girl. 5’7″ 130lbs. What in the world are men thinking when they downgrade!? I have been faithful, and they have been keeping a disgusting dirty secret. I was an unwilling participant. She knew him for one week…. I don’t even have to try to be the better woman. I just am. Physically, and mentally. I know I am going to be so much better off without him. But she will always just be a whore.

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