RAW Asphalt Stockbridge Georgia


Complaint: These people pulled the classic “excess asphalt”” scam on my mother. No mention was ever made of coming back to seal it. In spots it’s very thin. It’s crumbly everywhere and there are specific things they promised to do that they didn’t and we called them to come back and fix twice but never did. I’m actually surprised they even returned the first two calls. She paid them $6000 up front. Naturally. The edge alone was atrocious. It took my two teen-aged kids and me a day to even it up. Never mind the other details and the sealing. In spite of them obviously being crooks and not actual contractors she would be satisfied if they just came back and sealed it. This was done last summer and grass was growing through within a month. The only other record we have of their work is her canceled check and the meager company information I have already provided. Mary Fxx”

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