Ray Nunez & Nicole Garcia – Thornton, California California


After 26 years of marraige, my husband decided to cheat with this hoe after she revealed she liked anal sex. My husband who I’m divorcing is just a dog in heat to fall for this. They had sex numberous times and he told me that they had anal sex. No condoms he told me.. tells u first hand that she is a hoe. || She doesn’t answer my calls or text.. guilty!! What can she say?? I wonder how it feels to see his chest and see my name and our kids name tatted on him. It doesn’t matter anyways because he stabbed us when our backs were turned. Who needs him, she can have him and deal with him now. I don’t need a man like that and I deserve better. I met him with nothing and I will divorce him and leave him with nothing. Karma will come around …they both deserve each other.

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