Raygoza Builders or Sal Raygoza Palm Desert California


Complaint: This is a warning to home owners in the Palm Springs CA area to be aware of Contractor Sal Raygoza of Raygoza Builders, he has proven to be a true ripoff artist. If you have a remodeling project or construction work that needs to be done, don’t call Raygoza. If you want proof about how bad his services are contact the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs CA and speak to the engineering department. They can tell you about how bad Raygozas service was there and share how he ripped them off. Our office partnered with Raygoza for him to complete some of the projects on our rental homes. Over the few months we had Raygoza doing work for us we found ourselves continually trying to contact him to finish or correct his work. He would make every excuse in the book as to why he was not on the job, he is sick, his family is sick, my eye hurts ect…..it got to the point that it was a running joke amongst staff on what excuse he would use again. He had a habit of not returning calls or text or being late if he decided to show up. It was also typical that once he had your money he would do his famous disappearing act. Our company helped he and his family when they needed a home. We made the mistake of renting to him and over the next three months we never received one payment from him or the deposit he promised to pay off. So much for trying to help a person in need. Our company had our own set of tools and equipment, Raygoza found access to them then stold them. We have receipts for these items and through the investigation Raygoza told the police that he owned them. Once the investigation takes its course through the District Attorneys Office, we will be fileing more legal action. He is also currently under investigation by the State Contractors Board from a claim filed by another property owner in Indio. We will be filing our own claim once the DA is done. I believe he has serious issues and has caused problems for many. He told our subcontractor that he was a valet and was new to being a contractor, he should go back to parking cars instead of ripping off the public. Some of our subcontractors noted the numerous bottles of prescription drugs that they came across in Raygozas truck. This, they said, would explain the erratic behavior of Raygoza, they believe he is addicted to prescription pain killers. He bragged to them about how he had easy access to prescriptions. I have found others in the business community that have similar complaints of Raygoza. He has a record of inaccuracies and continues to bring discredit upon himself for being untrustworthy. So if you want to save yourself from a major headache, (which we are still feeling) don’t go near this guy because he royally sucks as a contractor and as a person.

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Address: 78196 DESERT MOUNTAIN CIRCLE Bermuda Dunes, California United States of America


Phone: (760) 698-1532

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