Raylene Vigil Denver, Colorado Colorado


Raylene Vigil began attending our family’s church in 2009 and quickly befriended our family. Raylene was a new Christian and didn’t know much about the church life or how to be a Christian so our family took her under our wing. Little did we know that she had an agenda all along. || Raylene became close friends with my daughter and joined my (then) son in law, Mat’s, networking marketing business. Raylene was laid off in the early summer of 2009 and began hanging out with my daughter almost daily. My daughter was, at that time, a stay at home mom to her 2 year old and 5 month old and Raylene would come over to hang out at the pool during the day. || My daughter and Mat were having marital problems due to Mat’s ongoing unemployment and lack of financial stability. Raylene became my daughter’s shoulder to cry on and good friend, often offering to babysit for”date night”. Raylene also accepted MY financial help during that time as she was always short on cash. In August 2009, my daughter discovered that Mat and Raylene had been having an affair almost the entire time they had known each other and while Raylene was pretending to be my daughter’s friend, she was plotting to”steal” her husband. This woman started vying for my daughter’s husband when their youngest child was only 2 months old. || Since that time, Mat and Raylene have remained an on again/off again couple. During one of their break ups, Mat went and married ANOTHER woman (to whom he’s still married) and then Raylene took him back again. Yes, that’s right…This woman has been with this man while he’s been married to TWO other women. || Presently Raylene Vigil (who currently lives in Johnstown, CO) is working as a Life Coach and is VP of marketing at The Secret To Life Coaching. She and Mat were recently featured on the Secret To Life Coaching radio show, as experts in the field of relationships. || If you look at Raylene ¬†worked for a company for one year and one month. The wife of her boss was not real happy to find out she was having an affair with her husband. || Raylene Vigil has rightfully earned the title of HOME WRECKER.

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