Razorback Roofing Northwest Arkansas Review


Razorback Roofing and Shaun Redmond are a fraud. You should avoid them like the plague. I will show you that the contracts they write are invalid in Arkansas, and that they are only interested in collecting money and harrassing their customers. On Dec 28th, 2010 we signed a contract at their suggestion to have our roof replaced by Razorback roofing. They had called a few days before and offered a Free Inspection. We took them up on their offer. Upon inspection the Sales Representative, Raul Marquez, said there was a 50/50 chance our roof needed to be replaced, and that we should sign a contract, and if the roof needed replacing they would do the work. They would also assist with filing an insurance claim. Well, after a few days, and realizing that the most important thing on Raul’s mind was not my home but the money (first insurance check is 80% of the funds), we decided we’d cancel our contract. Raul told us that we could not cancel the contract. We did so on the third day anyway, by sending a letter of cancellation to Razorback Roofing. Here’s the thing. Not one of their contracts they sign are valid in the state of Arkansas, as they do not contain a Cancellation Notice.Arkansas Statues:TITLE 4. BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL LAWSUBTITLE 7. CONSUMER PROTECTIONCHAPTER 89. HOME SOLICITATION SALES4-89-107. Buyer’s right to cancel offer or contract. (a) In addition to any other right to revoke an offer, the buyer has the absolute right to cancel a home solicitation contract or offer until midnight of the third calendar day, excluding Sundays and holidays as declared in 1-5-101, after the day on which the buyer signs an agreement. (b) Cancellation occurs when the buyer returns to the seller the notice of cancellation, the notice having been provided for the buyer by the seller. To further protect the consumer, it is suggested that the notice of cancellation be sent by registered mail. 4-89-108. Requirements for enforceable sale — Notice of right to cancellation required.This is longer and so I will let you read the whole thing. Here’s a LINK if you want to read the whole thing.Interesting Parts: (c) In a home solicitation sale, the seller must furnish to the buyer at the time he or she signs the sales contract or otherwise agrees to buy consumer goods or services from the seller a completed form in duplicate, captioned “NOTICE OF CANCELLATION””

which shall be attached to the contract or receipt and easily detachable and which shall contain in 10-point bold face type the following information and statements: “”NOTICE OF CANCELLATION …………………………………… (Enter date of transaction) You are entitled to cancel the agreement or offer referred to above at any time prior to midnight of the third day

excluding Sundays and holidays

after the day you signed the agreement or offer. (d) If seller fails to give both oral and written notice of the buyer’s right to cancellation

the cooling-off period does not begin to run until actual notice is given

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