RCC Design Group Review


RCC Design Group aka RCC Interiors is a Philadelphia-based interior design “company” (term used loosely) operated by Rhonda Clark Carlson. Rhonda Clark Carlson, a parasitic, middle-aged woman with sociopathic tendancies, works with one associate, Courtney Silbert Shepardson. Based on my experience dealing with this company and both associates, RCC Design Group has consistently demonstrated poor business practices, such as but not limited to the following: | Takes advantage of clients, contractors and vendors alike for personal gain | Does not pay vendors in a timely fashion | Does not pay vendors when work is complete and deemed satisfactory by client or homeowner | Will charge clients for goods and services and not deliver them | Will tell you that she will not markup goods (furniture, flooring, etc.) and that everything is at her cost. This is her main “selling point” and oh so far from the truth. Rhonda gets at least 20-30% off of retail prices and/or accumulates points from of her vendors | Will inflate her own bank account by any means necessary – your credit card, product markups, product bait and switches (floors, furniture, fixtures, etc.) | Will not complete job agreed upon, but will expect you to pay in full (that is, if the money wasn’t already taken from you) | Involvement in numerous lawsuits with clients, vendors, credit card comapanies | Uses “bait and switch”tactics with goods delivered to clients. Clients will be shown pictures of items from expensive vendors and fancy magazines. Rhonda will charge clients those inflated prices, yet substitute items with less expensive alternatives … while pocketing the difference of course. When you notice the goods are not what you ordered, there will inevitably be a bizzare excuse and she will blame everyone but herself | Does not issues credits for items returned due to damages, “incorrect” deliveries, “backorders,” etc. (BTW, there usually are not any incorrect deliveries or backorders; it’s all premeditated) | Claims to be LEED-certified and has a seal on their website. It’s all fake, a person cannot be LEED-certifed. But, it is an excellent demonstration of copyright and trademark infringement. | Claims to be a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). That’s untrue, you can call ASID to verify Rhonda’s membership. I did – there is no membership | Rhonda Clark Carlson will do everything in her power to take advantage of people that actually work hard to earn an honest living. She’s an energy vampire and will try to tie you up in tangle of lies that even she can’t keep straight. | Bravo, Rhonda. Keep up the great work. I really don’t understand how parasites like you can sleep at night.


  • Name: RCC Design Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.rhondaclarkcarlson.com/

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