Real Estate Consultant Group, LLC Review


I found an apartment on Facebook market and I contacted the realtor, he showed me a few apartments and then he show me this very beautiful spacious apartment at a very low price, rent stabilized and if I want it it’s mine because he knowers they super but he needs a deposit so he will not post it on the market becaus they want to rent it out ASAP I gave him a $500 deposit with a additional 200$ processing fee and 200$ application fee he told me that he needs the deposit right away because is a very great deal and need a deposit to assure the place is mine . | I sent all the paperwork , he told me he spoke with the management office and I am going to receive a call to sign the lease. I never received the call, being stressed out and pressured for time, I reach out to a friend who is a realtor with practice in a different county and she told me mangement office process most aplicatin in 3 business days and do not require a deposit and that I was being scammed. | I try to find Miguel but he blocked me on all divices. I took a ride with my friend to the management office of the building and they have no knowledge of him and never received an application on my behalf from any one. The apartment is available to rent but at a much higher price. The management office strongly advised me to go to the police and file a report because this person is an imposter , with no right on the premises and never had access to the keys.


  • Name: Real Estate Consultant Group, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Manhasset
  • Address: 1129 Northern Blvd #404
  • Phone: 1 347-625-9194
  • Website:

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